Baxala Sodi

FULL NAME: Baxala Arjaalyn Sodi
NICKNAME: Boxy, Sodi-pop
SPECIES: Betazoid/Human
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: July 2, 2352
BIRTHPLACE: New York City [Earth]
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 132#
HAIR: Brown with both red & blonde highlights
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard (English), Klingon, Bajoran, French
HOBBIES: 20th & 21st century Earth aircraft and stunt flying. Rockclimbing. Martial arts. Rock'n'Roll & "Pop" music. Hacking computers.

Father: Eristol Sodi (famous stage and holovid actor)
Mother: Barbara Wayne-Sodi (actress and dancer, divorced from Eristol Sodi)
Stepmother: Triliian (Deltan singer. Eristol Sodi's third wife)
Half-brother: Jerald Sodi (from Eristol Sodi's first marriage. Exeuctive Officer, USS Expedition-D; Commander)
Half-sister: Tara Sodi (Daughter of Eristol Sodi and a Romulan actress named Slista. Singer, actress, and rumored free-lance spy and weapons dealer)
Daughter: Penelope Elspeth Teeger (Biological daughter of John & Elspeth Teeger. Inherited after John Teeger's death, as per Izarian Law)

2370-2371: Klingon IDF Academy [Qo'noS]
2371-2375: Federation Starfleet Academy [Earth]

2375-2377: USS Enterprise-E, Shuttle pilot [Ensign]
2377-2378: USS October, Shuttle pilot [Lieutenant, jg.]
2378-2379: USS October, Flight control officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2379-2379: USS Foxbat, Flight control officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2379-2380: USS Foxbat, Flight control officer [Lieutenant]
2380-2382: USS Legacy-A, Chief flight Control officer [Lieutenant]
2382-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Chief Flight Control officer [Lieutenant Commander]

2379- Medal of Honor (for her work aboard the USS October, as a search and rescue pilot)

2372- Found to have falsified her entrance exam scores. Though allowed to continue at the Academy, a formal reprimand was placed in Cadet Sodi's record.

The daughter of one of the Alpha quadrant's most widely known, and beloved actors; Baxala Sodi was born on July 2, 2352, to Eristol Sodi and his second wife, a human actress named Barbara Wayne. Born in New York City, on Earth, while Sodi was appearing in an adaption of an Ibsen play tanslated into Vulcan, Baxala was thrust, almost instantly, into the life that her father lead.

From her earliest memories, she can recall Eristol Sodi being kind to her, but aloof, almost as if he were disinterested in the little girl in his life.

Sodi was a heavy drinker, and an eccentric actor. He practiced The Method. And it was also rumored that he was addicted to heavy narcotics. But, the man never abused his family, or took any anger his career may have put into him out on his family. He was simply self absorbed, to such a point that he would ignore those around him; even those closest to him.

This lead to a divorce between Sodi and Barbara Wayne, when Baxala was six. For the next eight years, Baxala was raised by her father, and he seemed to take some interest in her. But by the time she entered her teeens, Baxala had become restless and rebellious, and she felt she didn't even know her father. He had remarried, this time to a Deltan singer named Triliian. And Baxala got along with her fairly well.

It was Triliian who told Baxala to "follow her dreams". And when she was fourteen years old, she did. Baxala ran away from the family home on Risa, stowing away aboard a cargo carrier. After several months of ship-hopping she ended up on Qo'noS, where she fell in with a street gang made up of offworld youths, and some restless, delinquent young Klingons.

Baxala found a home with the gang. They took her in, and she began learning how to live on the streets, and fend for herself. She felt she actually belonged somewhere. She learned to hack into computer databases, and became the best computer hacker in the group. It was Baxala who would bring a security system down when the gang wanted to break into somewhere; usualy to steal or commit vandalism.


Baxala stayed with the gang for nearly five years. She even learned to fly during this period, after the gang leaders stole a small shuttle from a salvage yard. But, the Honor Guard broke up the gang when Baxala was eighteen, and most of the leadership was arrested, and placed in detention centers. It was rumored the gang's main leader, a Klingon, was sentenced to Rura Penthe. Baxala escaped, however.

With no more gang to belong to, Baxala started looking for another home, and she tried to enlist in the Klingon IDF, falsifying her records so that she would not be able to be traced to her old gang. She was accepted into the Imperial Defense Force, but found she could not handle the rigid training and strict discipline. She resigned from the program after the first year.

Hopping a cargo freighter, Baxala returned to Earth. She hung around the San Francisco area for a couple of months after the freighter dropped her off. And here she met several Starfleet cadets. She decided to try and make Starfleet her next home.

Once again falsifying her entry application, submitting false entrance exam scores, Baxala was accepted into Starfleet Academy. She began her training as an Operations cadet, but switched to helm and flight control after an instructor noted she had a strong apptitude in this area.

In her second year at the Academy, Baxala's falsified records were uncovered. The Academy administrators found she had never even taken the entry exam, and they were prepared to expell her with no option for reinstatement. But Commander David Winters, the same instructor who had seen her potential as a pilot, stood up for her. He even managed to get a friend of his, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to speak at her expulsion hearing. Picard commented that despite the methods Baxala had used to get into Starfleet her later scores, her abilities, and her since of duty showed the makings of a good cadet, and promising officer. Both Picard and Winters reccomended Baxala remain instated as a cadet.

The Academy board allowed her to remain as a flight control cadet, mostly off of Picard's reccomendation. She was ordered to take the entrance exam; and with the help of a Bajoran cadet who tutored her for three weeks, she passed.

When Baxala graduated, she was posted aboard the USS Enterprise-E, at Captain Picard's request. Baxala served aboard the Sovereign class ship for two years, earning a reputation as an excellent shuttle pilot. When she was transfered to the USS October in 2377, the transfer came with a promotion to Lieutenant, junor grade. Baxala felt she found a home again.

During her tenure aboard the October, Baxala flew several search and rescue missions. She even saved the life of the ship's executive officer, and a high ranking Federation envoy; both times at serious risk to herself. In 2379, she was awarded the Federation Medal of Honor for performing over 25 rescue flights, and saving over 150 lives.

In 2378, Baxala was promoted from shuttle pilot aboard the October, to flight control officer, and she continued to serve in that capacity after being transfered aboard the USS Foxbat. Aboard the Nova class ship for a year and a half, Baxala earned a promotion to full lieutenant.

In 2380, Baxala was transfered to the newly comissioned Expedition class ship, the USS Legacy-A. She was part of the spacedock team that got the third ship of the line prepared for active duty. Captain Northcote chose Baxala as Chief Flight Controller, over three other candidates. He felt he needed a helm officer who could maneuver in a tight situation. Little did he know how much Baxala enjoyed flying dangerously.

In late 2382, Baxala was promoted to Lieutenant Commander for her dilligent and somewhat daring tour of duty as the Legacy-A's chief of flight control.

On stardate 65170.67; Baxala was informed by a Cardassian litigator representing her friend, Commander John Teeger, whom she had known at the Academy: that not only had Teeger been killed in an accident on Mintaka III, but that Baxala had "inherited" Teeger's daughter, Penelope. Teeger's wife, who had died during the Dominion War, was Izarian. And "bequeathing" the responsibility for one's children to a trusted guardian was a common practice on Izar.

Baxala took official custody of Penelope Elspeth Teeger, Stardate 65244.92; begining a career easily as challenging as that of a Starfleet officer. Being a parent.

Having been Penelope's mother for some time, Baxala has built up a reputation as one of the most devoted parents aboard the Legacy.

Stardate 70526.1: Lt. Commander Sodi was given the position of Second Officer aboard the Federation Flag Ship. Commander Carson requested to leave the position due do his recurring duties as a Starfleet Intel operative, which often kept him off the ship for extended periods. After careful consideration, Captain Northcote assigned the Second Officer's duties to Baxala because if her Command Division training, and her job as Flight Controller; which would secure her position on the bridge during a tense situation.

Baxala seems gentle, and innocent enough at first meeting. But there is a wild side to her that manifests itself openly and often. It doesn't take Baxala long to become comfortable around people. She is very gregarious, and playful; often quoting song lyrics and dialog from old Earth movies that seem out of context. She seems able to maintain a cheerful mood in the direst of situations.

When she does become angry, or upset, it passes quickly. During these times, however, it is easy to tell she lived among Klingons. She looses her temper like a Klingon, and is not above breaking someone's nose to make a point. She prefers to use a sharp, and often sarcastic tongue as her weapon of choice in these situations, however.

Baxala has an avant-garde attitude. Always ready to try new things, with no silly prejudices to get in the way. She's an open-minded person. Off duty, she dresses very casually. Usually in jeans and a t-shirt. And she often goes barefoot.

Her lifestyle is best described as polyamorous, and pansexual. Something she shares with many Betazoids, and most Deltans.

Baxala has never really been involved in a long-term, or committed relationship. But she does have the ability to develop a very close emotional bond with her lovers. She doesn't say "I love you" easily, and when she does, she means it.

Some of her past lovers include:

Alan Peterik Reitanna Javet Krasmira Dathi Tim Pelham

Baxala usually manages to maintain close, lasting friendships with those she becomes involved with, even if they don't continue pursuing a romantic relationship.

She is energetic, upbeat, and funloving. And loves passing her off-duty hours with her daughter, or her crewmates. She also loves to sing and dance, though she doesn't possess any real talent in either area. She is fun to be around, but can also be a bit unnerving to those who do not know her, as she is reckless, and sometimes seems to have no mind of the dangers she places herself in.

She will never place her daughter in danger, however. In fact, she is very protective of Penelope.

Probably the clearest example of her reckless style is her stunt-flying.

She has caused more than one Federation dignitary to lose their most recent meal in the cockpit of her shuttle, by flying barrel rolls and loops and other stunts that defy the inertial dampeners whilst in the process of transporting such important personel.

This is another reason John Northcote wanted Baxala as part of his command staff. She doesn't kiss anyone's arse. If she respects someone, then they've earned it.

When she needs to center herself, Baxala will practice Qigong, or Yoga.

She follows the Betazoid religion of Karawati, although she is not as devout in her beliefs as some followers.

Baxala Sodi is an attractive woman, now in her late 30s. She wears her dark hair long, though she often pins it up on duty. She has a good figure. She keeps herself in shape with a variety of physical activities that include rock climbing, jogging, the aforementioned yoga and qigong, and martial arts.

She has a soft voice that has a tendency to get a bit breathy when she speaks quitely. When she speaks more loudly, or rapidly, Baxala's voice will have a trace of a British accent. Something she inherited from her mother.

Being half-Betazoid, Baxala does have empathic abilities, and can read most people's emotions and feelings with little effort. She also has limited telepathic abilities, and can communicate mentaly with other Betazoids, or strong telepaths like a Vulcan, or a Deltan.

She tries to avoid reading thoughts, however, preferring to read facial expressions and body language if she wants to get the feel for a person she's just met. She is very respecting of other people's mental, and emotional privacy; and adheres to what is known, among Betazoids, as the Code of Sentience very strictly.

An aficiando of Martial Arts for most of her life, Baxala has studied the Klingon fighting style, Mok'bara, as well as Muay Thai, and Brazilian Capoiera. And she respects the disciplines of Martial Arts. She does not take her knowledge of deadly fighting styles lightly, nor use those skills unless she has no other choice.


Although currently undiagnosed, Baxala suffers from Cyclothymia.

Without Baxala being aware of it, her devotion to qigong, and strict martial art disciplines help to keep her affliction in check.

Baxala has a small, white scar on her right arm, near the shoulder. Probably from a knife wound, during her gang years. She can fight well, either with her fists, or a Dak'tagh. And she does own several Klingon blades. She sleeps with a knife under her pillow. She also has two tattoos. One, of a thorny vine, encircles her left ankle. The other - the emblem of her Klingon gang - is on the small of her back.

She keeps a Klingon targ for a pet. His name is Boris, and he spends most of his time in her quarters, where Baxala has a special play-area set up for him. He is a generally friendly animal, but is very protective of his mistress.

Baxala's quarters are usually kept in a state of disarray. She prefers dim artificial or indoor lighting, but has a loathing of cloudy, or dreary weather. The climtate controls in her quarters are usually set to produce a temperature higher than most people find comfortable.

During Baxala's expulsion hearing at the Academy, a background check was done, and it was revealed that Baxala has a half-brother. Her father's son from his first marriage, to a Betazoid woman. And something he never told Baxala, or probably even Triliian about.

Her half-brother, Jerald Sodi, is also a Starfleet officer; a full commander, who served as Chief of Engineering aboard the USS Cavalier for five years before he became First Officer on the USS Expedition-D. Baxala met him during her tenure on the Foxbat, and they are slowly developing a relationship.

In late 2381, Baxala learned she also has an older half-sister; Tara Sodi. The result of an affair between Baxala's father, and a Romulan actress named Slista whom he had worked with in a play on Argellius. Tara is half Romulan, and bares a strong resemblance to Baxala; her outward appearance being that of a Betazoid.

Baxala met her half sister on a vacation to Risa with her father. Tara is a singer, and a holovid actress. It is also rumored she is a spy, acting as a free agent to the highest bidder. She may also have worked as an arms dealer during the Dominion War.

On Stardate 59286.6, Starfleet Research and Developement officially aproved the prototype shuttle that Baxala had been working on along with two other members of the Legacy's crew. Dubbed the Alpha Flyer, the prototype will now go through a series of tests aboard the Legacy before it is aproved for fleetyard production.

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