Boris the Targ

Species: Klingon Targ
Height: 3' 4" - Weight: 67#
Birthdate: September 12, 2373
Birthplace: Klingon Honour Guard Breeding Grounds, on Qo'noS

Boris was whelped in a litter with 12 other trag puppies, or targlets, in 2373. He was born at the Klingon Honor Guard breeding fascilities, where the Guard breed and raise targs to serve as bodyguards and loyal companions for their ranking officers.

Three of the pups were purchased by the House Kemtel, as pets. And among these was the Targ that would later become known as Boris. Always a reckless and rambunctious targlet, even from a very young age; Boris ran away from his new owners by crawling under a fence and he took to a harsh life of living as a Targ puppy on the rugged streets of Kling.

When Boris was a little over a year old, he was found wandering, half starved, in an alley by a Starfleet cadet on leave visiting friends on Qo'noS. The cadet was a young helm and navigations cadet named Baxala Sodi, the daughter of a famous holovid actor. Baxala had spent her teenage years on Qo'noS, as a member of a notorious street gang. And, on leave from Starfleet Academy, she had returned to the Klingon homeworld to pay a visit t the few members of her old gang that avoided a Klingon detention center.

When Baxala found the little Targ pup wandering the streets she was instantly drawn to him, and he to her. She took him back to her hotel, despite the fact that the hotel did not allow pets or animals. She fed him, and spent the rest of her elave nursing the little targlet back to health. By the time her leave ws over, she had a healthy, active little Targ who was as devoted to her as an animal can be to a person.

Baxala took Boris back to the Academy with her, and after performing a favor or two for a couple of senior officers, she managed to gain permission to keep him on the grounds. She named him Boris because he "ate like a little monster" in that Hotel on Qo'noS, so Baxala named after a famous Terran horror film actor.

Baxala has done her best to train him, and curb some of his more agressive instincts, but he is still a Warrior's Companion for the most part. And Baxala actually enjoys his more agressive and playful moments, but she has always tried to keep him trained enough that he can accompany her to new postings.

As Boris grew larger, and more dangerous given his natural temperment; Baxala often wondered if she would be asked to send him back to Qo'noS to be adopted out to a Klingon family. But, so far each of the commanding officers Baxala has served under has allowed him to stay as long as she trained him well, and kept him at a safe distance from anything his instincts might intice him to pounce upon.

The only time Boris came close to getting his mistress in trouble was when he snatched what he thought was a toy from the hand of an ambassador's aide. The aide, a Melkotian, fought him for it, and was pulled around the bridge of the Foxbat, and suffered minor injuries. When the Foxbat's security chief realized what Boris had decided to play with was actually a heat activated explosive device; the targ was suddenly a hero.

He had foilded an assassination attempt on the Melkotian ambassador to the Federation that could have served to implicate the Federation as the culprit, and might have destroyed, or at the very least severely damaged the Foxbat.

When Baxala was transfered to the USS Legacy to serve as Chief Flight Control Officer, Boris went along, of course.

And now the playful little targ is a regular fixture in the corridors, and most of the non-restricted areas aboard the Federation's Flagship. He has even managed to become something of an unofficial mascot for the ship. And Captain Northcote, a dog lover, sees Boris as little more than a more agressive version of a Terran Pitbull Terrier.

Boris, who is also known as Bori, or Little Monster (because of his ravenous eating habits); is not your average targ. But, then again he is.

Having been raised by a half-Betazoid woman, Boris has grown up, and matured with a personality similar to that of a Terran dog, such as a German Shepherd or a Rottweiller. He is less agressive than most targs, more docile, calm, and playful. But, he still has his instincts. The hunting instincts, and the instincts of loyalty and the tendency to be overprotective of his master (or mistress) are all very dominant in Boris' personality.

He is, however, your basic companion animal. He loves to play catch, or tug-of-war with Baxala, or any of her friends who will play with him. And anyone who is well aquainted with Baxala will be just as aquainted with Boris, as 'Commander Sodi spends a great deal of her time, off duty, with her pet.

Boris has come to know most of Baxala's friends well enough to be just as protective of them as he is of his mistress. And he is almost as loyal to Captain Northcote as he is to Baxala herself.

The targ is something of a mascot for the Legacy-A, and the Flight Control department, as Baxala has even allowed him to roam free in the corridors when conditions are right. He even managed to get out of her quarters during her duty shift, and find his way to the Legacy's bridge on one occasion; an incident which Captain Northcote found ammusing.

Boris has a seperate living and playing area in Baxala's quarters, fitted with a forcefield emitter which Baxala can activate with a verbal command if it becomes necessary for her to restrain the targ. His targ-bed, food and water dishes, and litter bin are all located in this area and Boris is well trained when it comes to "relieving himself".

Though raised, for the most part, on a diet of replicated food supplements formulated by the Enterprise-E's medical staff to correspond to a targ's biological needs; Boris loves to get the occasional bit of raw meat. Baxala keeps a small stock of Terran beef and cuts of rare Klingon meat products in a freezer in her quarters to satisfy her targ's cravings.

Along with being a good companion for his mistress, and a friend to most of her crewmates, Boris enjoys playing with the other animals kept aboard the Legacy as pets. He is especially fond of Chief Engineer McBride's Bulldog.

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