Be'Tran M'Benga

NAME Be'Tran M'Benga
SPECIES Klingon/Betazoid/Human
BIRTHDATE July 6, 2351
BIRTHPLACE Usumbura, United States of Africa, Earth
HEIGHT 6' 1"
WEIGHT 147 #
HAIR Black
EYES Green
LANGUAGES Bajoran, Bantu, Betazoid, English, Klingon
HOBBIES Klingon Culture, Cooking, Backgammon, Linguistics, Language-Translation, Martial Arts, Klingon Weapons.

2369-2373 Starfleet Academy Cadet (Engineering, Security, Tactical, Command)

2373-2374 - Starbase 410 Assistant Instructor [Ensign]
2374-2374 - USS Galaxy Engineering Officer [Ensign]
2374-2375 - USS Galaxy Engineering Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2375-2375 - USS Seattle Assistant Chief Engineer [Lieutenant]
2375-2375 - USS Miranda-A Chief Engineer [Lt. Commander]
2375-2376 - Starbase 410 Chief Engineer [Lt. Commander]
2376-2378 - USS Honorious Security/Tactical Officer [Lt. Commander]
2378-2380 - USS Honorious Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical [Lt. Commander]
2380-2381 - USS Titan Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical [Lt. Commander]
2381-2381 - USS Miranda-B Security/Tactical Officer [Lt. Commander]
2381 - Transferred; Starfleet Diplomatic Corps [Commander]
2381 - Made an officer of the Klingon IDF, equivalent to Starfleet Rank [Commander]
2381 - 2384 - USS Legacy-A Klingon IDF/Liaison Officer [Commander]
2384 - pres. - Starbase Magellan Klingon IDF/Liaison Officer [Commander]

2375 - Meritorious Service award for actions aboard the USS Seattle during the Dominion War

2372 - Starfleet Academy - Off Grounds without Leave
2376 - Cited for assaulting a fellow officer. Rank reduction not enforced. Permanent citation placed on service record

Be'Tran M'Benga was born on July 6, 2351, in the city of Usumbura, on Earth (in the United States of Africa). She is the youngest of 14 children born Dr. Paul M'Benga, a human physician, and Lyssana Gron-M'Benga, a Half-Betazoid/ Half Klingon teacher of history and anthropology at the Usumbura University.

Among her 14 siblings (which include 2 sets of twins) is her older brother Khalfani M'Benga, a Starfleet officer. Be'Tran grew up by the riverbanks in Usumbura, always closest to her grandfather K'TeQmok of the house of Gron above all her many relatives. He taught her the Klingon language and culture, including how to use a bat'leth, at an early age; and filled her with a strong sense of honor, and lust for adventure.

In her teenage years Be'Tran would spend hours riding her Arabian horse (a present from one of her brothers) along the banks of the river and dreaming of a life among the stars. When Be'Tran was 16, however, tragedy struck. Her beloved grandfather was stricken with ni'bech (The Long Suffering) Klingon lung disorder he acquired from smoking too much Tellarite tobacco. Be'Tran left school (getting her Graduation Equivalent) to take care of the aging warrior, who died 2 years later.

With her dearest friend gone, Be'Tran seemed to loose direction until her grandfather's funeral; where she saw again, after a long time, her oldest brother Khalfani. Khalfani was a Starfleet Officer and he suggested Be'Tran enter the Academy. After kicking the idea around a bit she submitted her application, only to find she had already been applied (by her brother). She chose engineering as her specialty, due to the fact that she had spent a lot of time in her youth helping her older sister Khryshaan repair disabled anti-grav vehicles as a hobby.

Her years at the academy were among the best of her life. Her closest friend there was a Navigations-cadet named Juile Ellis. They spent a great deal of time together, to the point of Be'Tran "sitting in" on some of her rudimentary piloting classes. She even got into a little trouble with Cadet Ellis, when they went AWOL in their junior year to attend an air show. Everything worked out however, and she and Julie are still very close.

Upon graduating (4th in her class) she was posted to the Engineering and Operations department of Starbase 410. A good post, but Be'Tran wanted to travel, to see the galaxy; to see, and perhaps live, some of what her grandfather had told her about. When she found there was an opening aboard the premier Galaxy class Starship, the USS Galaxy, under the illustrious Fleet Cpt. Price, she immediately put in for a transfer. With a little help from her brother (now a full Commander), she quickly received her transfer orders. It is her greatest desire, now, to serve Cpt. Price, and the Galaxy to the full extent of her abilities, and, maybe, get in a little excitement on the way.


In 2374, M'Benga was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade for her excellent service on board the USS Galaxy during the Dominion war. During the same time she met, and fell in love with a young science officer named Jack D'Auria. But, when he proposed marriage to her, she spurned him. Though she did love D'Auria, she was afraid of the final commitment, and also too devoted to her career to give her time and effort to a marriage

Her relationship with D'Auria deteriorated. And it finally ended in early 2375.

M'Benga's own transfer, from the Galaxy, soon followed, and she was reassigned to the USS Seattle. She was posted aboard the Akira class ship as Assistant Chief of Engineering, and after a few months of front line duty she was promoted to full Lieutenant. Shortly thereafter she was transferred, at the request of Captain Victor Murdock, to take the position of Chief Engineer aboard the USS Miranda-A, a Jupiter class starship.

With the transfer came a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

After six months as Miranda's Chief Engineer, she tired of front line duty, and was transferred back to Starbase 410 as Chief Engineer.

Be'Tran served aboard the Starbase until early 2376, when she was transferred to the position of assistant chief of engineering aboard the Sovereign class USS Honorious. The Dominion War was over, and Be'Tran settled into this position, maintaining her rank, for the next four years.

In mid-2378, Be'Tran was serving on the Honorious' bridge when the ship went into battle with an Orion pirate vessel. When the Honorious' tactical officer was injured after the primary tactical console exploded, M'Benga took the secondary weapons station, and brought the ship through the rest of the battle. It whetted her appetite for a more action-oriented position in the ship's crew, and after some rudimentary training, she put in for a transfer to the Security/Tactical department aboard the Honorious. She served out the rest of her tour of duty aboard the Sovereign class ship as a security officer.

In 2380, she was transferred to the tactical department of the USS Titan, under Captain William T. Riker. This position served as a stepping stone to her next assignment.

After the USS Miranda-B, Pathfinder class, was all but destroyed in battle with the Breen, Hydrans, and T'Kith'kin; the vessel was refit into a sleeker design. And Lieutenant Commander M'Benga was assigned to serve on the new Miranda's tactical/security team, under Commander Arel Smith.

Her brief stint aboard the Miranda involved, among other things, a murder investigation M'Benga saw through to a successful conclusion in the arrest of a Vulcan officer. Her actions during this case caught the attention of Starfleet's security command and it wasn't long before Be'Tran was offered a long overdue promotion. At this time she was also requested, by Admiral Erik Hanssen, to take a position with Starfleet's Diplomatic Corp. Her assignment would be to act as a Liaison with the Klingon IDF.

Betta accepted the position, and three months later she was made a full commander in the Klingon IDF. After serving as a diplomatic attache, commuting between Qo'noS, Earth, and Romulus; Be'Tran was finaly assigned a position as a Liaison officer attached to the diplomatic staff of the Federation flagship- the USS Legacy.

When the Federation military council decided to post a Starbase, with a full diplomatic compliment near where the Klingon and Romulan borders met, and also at the edge of Federation space, Be'Tran was tapped to continue her work as a liaison to the Empire. She accepted the posting, aboard the Starbase Magellan on Stardate 61720.6; and reported aboard nearly a month later.

M'Benga is basically just a jolly, gregarious, good natured girl. Despite all her devotion to Klingons, and Klingon culture, she isn't gruff, or rough in her demeanor. She makes friends easily, even with people who don't want to make friends. She considers it a most enjoyable challenge to open up a stranger into her friendship circles.

She loves engineering, and still likes to bring her engineering expertise to the forefront; working to maintain the weapons systems of whatever vessel she was assigned to during her time as a tactical officer. Now that she is a diplomatic officer she has a lot fo time for tnkering, and enjoys spending her free time in main engineering, as long as she has the leave of the duty officer. She's also a very good pilot, especially of shuttle and runabout-class vehicles. She's something of a flirt, and loves to go on dates, but has no desire to get married; her career still comes first.

This is what cost her her relationship with Jack D'Auria. She still carries a heavy guilt on her shoulders, for her rejection of him. Some day she would like the opportunity to make it right.

Her love of Klingon culture is the most obvious trait to her personality. Her quarters are decorated with a variety of Klingon weapons and tapestries. Her favorite is a tapestry featuring a mural of the life of Kahless. This gives her an edge in dealing with Klingon people, and customs in accordance with her duties. Even a diplomatic Liaison in the service of the Klingon Empire must be ready, and able, to do battle.

She wares (when allowed) a silver Klingon ceremonial sash, with a d'k'tagh scabbarded on it. She knows martial arts, and Klingon hand-to-hand tactics, and is a fair wrestler. Very hard to anger, and even harder to get "off your side" once she's on, she is fiercely loyal to her friends. Her favorite food is a good, thick Terran "porter house" steak (preferably barbecued), cooked rare; and she loves to cook. Her favorite beverage is Terran iced tea, but she also loves a good German beer (non-synthetic, the real stuff).

She would still like to serve with her brother someday; even though her current position is somewhat more illustrious.

She thoroughly enjoyed her tenure serving under Captain Price, and often misses the decks of the USS Galaxy, as well as the friends she made there. Aboard the Miranda, she made several friends including the scientist, Phoebe Ivers. This friendship continues as Ivers is a civilian scientist aboard the Legacy. Since coming aboard the flagship, Be'Tran has developed a friendship with Captain Northcote, as well as Commander Carson, the Strategic Operations officer.

Be'Tran's only temperamental weaknesses are prejudice, and jealousy. And either one, especially directed at a friend or someone she cares for can severely anger her. Otherwise she's like everybody's friend, with a Klingon ballad on her lips to perk anyone up that needs it-be warned, however, she doesn't sing too good.

The only thing that seems to dampen her spirits these days are thoughts of her mother, who died in a Cardassian internment camp on Betazed during the Dominion War. Be'Tran had known of her abduction from almost the moment it happened thanks to her brother's connections in Starfleet. But neither she, nor Khalfani were ever able to rescue her. She learned of her mother's death from Khalfani after the liberation of Betazed, and it was a serious blow to her.


In at least part, her desire to have been able to do something for her mother helped to prompt her switch, from an engineer to a security officer. As a Klingon, she cannot completely escape her own thirst for vengeance in the death of her mother. Serving at a weapons console, or leading an away mission with a phaser in hand gives her an opportunity to relieve some of these aggressive tendencies inherent to her Klingon side.

And now, as an officer of the IDF, she is serving among Klingons as her mother would have loved.

M'Benga is tall, beautiful, and shapely; with a muscular, but very feminine physique. She has long, straight, dark hair; slightly frizzed (she used to wear it in dreadlocks). From her Betazoid side, she got her big, soulful light green eyes, from her Klingon side, the distinct ridges cris-crossing her forehead (all the 14 M'Benga's tend to look more Klingon than anything else), and from her African father the very dark complexion.

She has a loud, husky voice that carries easily, and always manages to sound happy and upbeat. She is an eternal optimist. She has a thin white scar along her right upper arm from an accident with a bat'leth when she was 12.

Since her commisioning in the IDF, Be'Tran commonly wears the uniform of an IDF commander. But she will also, occasionaly wear the white uniform of a Starfleet officer assigned to the diplomatic corps.

Her name, Be'Tran, is an old Klingon name common among the higher houses of The Klinzhai. She is much more often called by her nickname, however; "Betta". Her mother gave it to her and told her it means "Little Blossom" in Betazoid. And, it seems a likely nickname to go with Be'Tran.

Since her tour of duty on the Honorious, Be'Tran has taken on a pet. A mostly-white female Clumber Spaniel she named Nikita. Betta got the dog at a Ferengi Bazaar on a frontier outpost, and has made her an important part of her daily life. Though Nikita was full-grown, around a year to a year and a half old when Be'Tran got her, and her background is unknown (trust a Ferengi dealer to "conveniently misplace" registry information) she has taken likewise to Be'Tran and readily answers to her new name.

Be'Tran feeds her raw meat as often as she can, even if it must come from the replicate. Nikita has her own stainless titanium food dish, and a snuggly little dog-bed in Be'Tran's quarters (filled with deeply scented Betazoid Yrlanc wood chips).

Recently, Nikita has shown signs of being very protective of her mistress.

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