William Alan "Bill" West

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human
Height: 6' 0" - Weight: 197#
Birthdate: June 23, 2228
Birthplace: New York City

A tall, handsome man, Bill West is also one of the most respected officers in Starfleet. With a spotless record, Lieutenant Commander West serves as the Expedition's Chief Navigator as well as second officer. And when both Captain Connor and Commander Cotilard are off the bridge, West does not hesitate to exercise his authority in this position.

With a demeanor befitting an old fashioned soldier, West carries out his duties as he has since he graduated from Starfleet Academy. He gets his job done- whether it be carefully plotting a course for the Expedition to follow, or leading a landing party into a dangerous situation.

A native of New York City, on Earth; Bill grew up in Brooklyn, and sometimes his accent still shows through. Especially in moments of tension or exciement. His slightly rasped voice can easily raise over the din of a red alert claxon to take command of the bridge if necessary.

Sometimes considered to be gruff in his demeanor, Bill is a man of action. And Captain Connor has come to rely on his daring style to get her people, and a few times herself, out of trouble. Off duty, Bill is more relaxed, and almost studious. A lover of classic Earth literature and an expert fencer, Bill can be found either reading in his quarters or working out in the gym during his off hours.

A man who is "married to his career", Bill has still had time for a few romances. He's the type to have a "girl in every port", and he probably has a few children out there, somewhere, that he knows nothing about. Some would call him a rogue, or a rascal; but no one could deny that Bill lives life to the hilt and doesn't let much of anything slow him down.

Decorated, three times, for bravery, Bill hopes to command his own ship someday. And the service record he is amassing as the Chief Navigator aboard the USS Expedition won't do him any harm when it comes time for him to be offered a command.

Bill was posted aboard the Expedition, after the previous Navigator, Alan Sinclair, was transferred to the USS Republic as executive officer. Sinclair, a dapper Australian, was very popular among the Expedition's crew. And West often jokes he only got the posting because his middle name is Alan. But, Bill West has earned his place among Gwen Connor's crew, making friends quickly and gaining the respect of his fellow officers.

Dark haired, and tan-skinned, West looks the image of an old Earth sailor- perhaps even a pirate. He even has a tattoo, of an eagle in flight, on his right bicep.

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