Beta (formerly SA/3-16)

Species: Soong-type android
Height: 4' 1" - Weight: 197#
Age: 21
Birthplace: The Daystrom Scientific Institute[Earth]

The anatomicly female android known as Beta, originaly Sentient Android / Prototype 3 / Unit 16. Or, SA-3/16 for short, was the brainchild of Starfleet scientist Commander Bruce Maddox. In 2364, after unsuccesfully atempting to order Lieutenant Commander Data dismantled for study, so he could try out his plan of creating a large number of "Datas" for use aboard Federation vessels; Madox turned to friend and Daystrom Collegue Admiral Anthony Haftel. Haftel authorized the SA project, with allocated materials and personel from Starfleet, in exchange for each Android constructed being submitted to the Academy in San Francisco. Ofcourse Soong-type Androids had been found sentient by the JAG-court that denied Maddox's plan to disassemble 'Commander Data, so any Androids resulting from Haftel's project would be considdered sentient as well.

Using the basic positronic brain design created by Doctor Noonian Soong, and used in constructing both Data, and his "brother", Lore; Maddox set about creating his prototype. The first prototype, called Type-2 (considering Data, and Soong's original design "Type-1") failed to master basic skills, and suffered cascade failure of the positronic net after the first unit had been activated for 16 hours.

It was at this time that Haftel decided to call in some assistance… from Lieutenant Commander Data. Data reported to the Daystrom institute, and proceded to assist Maddox in the construction of the second in his series of prototypes, "Type-3". The first unit had full learning skills, and functional mobility, and, after a few days of working with Data, fit the requirements to be considdered a functioning sentient android. Maddox proceded to create 18 of these automatons from this prototype.

Both Data and Haftel took an active interest at this point, Haftel even went as far as to program three of these units with the "memories" of his own youngest daughter, Linda; the same way Data carried the memories of the colonists on Omicron Theta where he was created.

This act of Haftels lead to Maddox giving his units a basically female appearance. But, in an effort to make certain that they could be easily recognized as what they were during their mandatory period at the academy, he fitted them with a dull greenish grey skintone, and brilliantly blue eyes. Each android appeared thusly as a black haired, green skinned woman of roughly 20 years, with very bright eyes. Maddox also consructed the body-framework to be just under the height of five feet, allowing for a more dense anatomical layout, making the androids more physicly durable.

After they were fully programmed off of commander Data's neural network, they were devided into 5 different "groups", and enrolled in the academy in these groups: Medical, Engineering, Security, Science, and Command. Unit 16 was assigned to the Science group.

She entered the Academy with all the knowledge, and curiosity of Lieutenant Commander Data, organized into a series of subroutines Haftel programmed to make her process personal information on a more "feminine" level. An attempt on Haftel's part, along with his implanting the units, including 16, with his daughter's memories, to give them a more life-like demeanor than that of Commander Data.

Her first year in the academy was generally uneventful. Her studies went well, and she made a few friends. Outgoing young cadets who weren't afraid to open up to a curious young machine trying to make her way into Starfleet. The original agreement with the Federation council when they sanctioned Haftel's project was that the first set of prototypes would go through the academy, and serve out their lives thereafter as they wished.

16 had already decided due to her contact with Data that she would remain in Starfleet.

In late 2385, Beta made a decision that would have a profound effect on the rest of her life, and her future. She left Starfleet for the last time.

After meeting Jonthan Withers- an old friend of Captain Northcote, and an intrepid adventurer, Beta became fascinated with the kind of life Withers led. And she resigned her provisional commision as a scientist aboard the Legacy to join the Merchant Service, and travel with Withers as a member of his crew aboard the freighter, Gold Coast.

She's quiet, and concentrated, a constant academic study of some sort or other going on in her powerful positronic net. But, when the chip is turned on; something she does at least once a day, she begins to display the mannerisms of the proverbial sex-kitten.

Openly curious and friendly, Beta made several friends in her various postings. Always eager to learn, Beta has been to exploring the broader range of emotions she is able to experience with her recently installed emotion-synthesizing chip. In many ways, Beta has a form of headstart on her predecessors, Data and Omega, when it comes to understanding emotions.

Beta is the last survivor of the Maddox-Haftel Sentient Android Project as it is known in scientific circles. Built off of Noonian Soong's original specifications, Beta is a slight improvement, an upgrade, if you will, of the original Soong-type Adnroid. Her storage capacity in her central processing unit of her positronic net is 950 quadrillion bits; with a rating of 18 trillion operations per second. Her nets also contain a vast ammount of trivial knowledge. She is well versed in most Human social customs, and continues to broaden her knowledge of alien customs that are culturally parallel. She enjoys music and has even managed to teach herself the guitar.

Beta's vocal synthesizer allows her to produce most any kind of vocalic tone, and she often uses this to good effect singing along with the music she plays. For her own speaking voice she chooses a mid-volume, slightly nasal inflection, a bit high-pitched in tone than one might expect.

Physically, Beta is 4 feet and 11 inches in height, and weighs close to 200 pounds due to her sturdy, yet relatively light-weight construction using infused tripolymers. Her skin is a soft shade of green, compared by some to that of pistachio- nut ice cream. It's soft to touch, almost more so than a Human female's. She has a good figure, buxom built, and apearing muscular. Which is at least an exercize in honesty as she is slightly stronger than Data, but not quite as strong as Omega. Her hair, which is worn long but usually pinned up behind her head, is black. It has a silky texture and feel, and might feel artificial by some accounts, but is more lifelike than Data's as well.

Beta's eyes are a brilliant shade of azure blue. She is capable of altering her visual spectrum from standard to either infrared or ultraviolet at will, and back again. She has long-range binocular vision as well, and can view an object at a 1/400 magnification ratio. Her actual eyes often appear to be "back lit" by a faint silver-blue light.

Beta lives as spartan as one might expect an android to do, but she is slowly allowing her qaurters to clutter up with various souveneirs from her time in Starfleet. And though she herself does not need to eat, she has taken up the culinary arts with a vengence, subjecting her crewmates to her forays into such things as "Ancient Greek cooking" with a very Human bravado. She also enjoys painting, but even more so enjoys modeling. Usually in the nude. As a matter of fact, Beta could technically be described as a nudist, as she often will eschew clothing when off duty, and in her quarters. Her body-structure is anatomically correct to that of a Humanoid female, as well as fully functional sexually.

Some people might go as far as to say Beta is two different people. Maybe more. But in truth she is really just one very curious, outgoing, and perhaps slightly confused little Android.

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