Counselor Ardis Djnan

SPECIES Centauran
BIRTHDATE May 14, 2352
BIRTHPLACE Alpha Centauri
HEIGHT 6' 0"
WEIGHT 152 #
HAIR Blonde
LANGUAGES Centauran, Federation Standard (Terran "English"), Betazoid, Romulan, some Ferengi, and a few phrases in several other common languages (used to reasonable effect during diplomatic duties)
HOBBIES Painting. Holophotography, and holography. Clothing design. Studying languages and linguistics.

2358 - 2370: Public Education (Alpha Centauri)
2370 - 2374: University of Betazed (Psychology)
2374 - 2378: Federation Starfleet Academy (Psychology, Social Sciences)

2378 - 2379: USS Potemkin (Counselor / Ensign)
2379 - 2382: USS Cavalier (Counselor / Ensign)
2382 - 2384: USS Pershing (Counselor / Lieutenant, jg.)
2384 - 2386: USS Pershing (Counselor / Lieutenant)
2386 - pres.: Starbase Magellan (Counselor / Lieutenant)



A native of Alpha Centauri, Ardis Djnan showed evidence of strong psionic abilities from an early age. Psions were not uncommon among Centaurans, and although their abilities were not as strong as those of Betazoids or Vulcans, a Centauran psionic could become a very powerful mental force. But the passive Centaurans would never allow their psionic abilities to be used for anything other than positive ends.

Ardis was trained, from a very young age, to use these psionic abilities in a gentle, and helpful way. And along with the usual appreciations of the arts and sciences taught to all young Centaurans, Ardis began to study the powers of the mind, and when she was old enough she enrolled in studies to become a practicing psychologist.

She attended none other than the prestigious University of Betazed, where most of the Ship's Counselors who served in the early days of that profession were trained under the careful tutelage of Betazoid men and women who had a great deal of experience in dealing with the powers of the mind as well as the psyche's vulnerabilities.


It was while she was at the Betazoid university that Ardis first expressed an interest in joining Starfleet. It was part of the Centauran philosophy to look for beauty in the world - or in the universe - as it surrounded them. And if no beauty could be found, a Centauran would try to create some. And in this way Centaurans became some of the most versatile artists and entertainers in the Alpha Quadrant.

And it was Ardis' intention to follow the Centauran quest for beauty, and for pleasure, by traveling aboard a Starfleet vessel, and seeing the new frontier of space as a Starfleet officer.

And by helping others with their problems- creating beauty by helping others find it for themselves.

This, of course, required a stint at Starfleet Academy. And on the strength of her grades, Ardis' application was accepted on her first submission. During her four years at the Academy, Ardis made several friends. Most of them male; and most of them ended up in her bed due to her own interpretation of the Centauran philosophy. Ardis found beauty in the humanoid form, and in sharing the physical pleasures with others.

After graduating, and turning down three marriage proposals, Ardis faced her first assignment. A junior counselor's position aboard the aging Excelsior class ship, the USS Potemkin. When the Potemkin was finally decommissioned in 2379, Ardis was transferred to the USS Cavalier, a Kelvin class ship. The Cavalier assignment became Ardis' proving ground, as she learned to treat trauma patients wounded during skirmishes in the aftermath of the Dominion War and the ongoing conflicts with remnants of the Dominion allies in the Alpha Quadrant.

After her tour of duty aboard the Cavalier, Ardis received a promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade; and she was transferred to the USS Pershing. This time she was serving aboard a Sovereign class ship, and among her many patients were several marine officers who had seen front line action during the War. Two of them had been severely traumatized by their experiences as prisoners of war. And Ardis' unusual counseling style seemed to work well in both of these cases.

Four years on the Pershing, including some combat triage work during a skirmish a Tholian vessel, and Ardis received another promotion. This time, to the rank of full lieutenant. The promotion came four months before she received transfer orders to report to Starbase Magellan.

Magellan was a frontier space station, located in Federation space in the Beta Quadrant, not far from the remnants of the Amargosa star destroyed in 2370 by Tolian Soran. And a posting on the rim of the Federation could be a strong challenge for a counselor. She would be seeing civilian patients as well as military personnel.

And there would be plenty of people coming, and going, for whom she could introduce the beauty of physical pleasure.

Ardis accepted the transfer gladly. It was an assignment she was looking forward to, from the moment she read the transfer orders.

Ardis Djnan is very outgoing. And yet she has the outward demeanor of someone who is quiet, and almost reserved. It is only once one gets to know her, or finds themselves alone with her that they see her passionate side. And it does not take long for this side of her to reveal it's self once she feels she is with someone she can trust, and someone she can feel comfortable with.


Her cavalier attitude towards intimacy has come into play during her work as a counselor, as well. But even when using eroticism as a form of therapy, Ardis retains her professionalism. She does not become personally involved with any of her patients. In fact, Ardis does not become emotionally involved with anyone on a romantic level, preferring to move from partner to partner in a series of relationships.

But she is kind, and compassionate. And she treats her partners with respect.

Ardis is a very open minded woman, knowing no prejudices. And she is also frank, and intolerant in her own way when it comes to prejudice and bigotry. Although she keeps whatever temper she has in check, the easiest way to provoke her is to behave in a prejudiced or judgmental manner in front of her.

She is also a pacifist. Ardis will not harm another, unless it is a matter of life and death. She will defend her friends, comrades, or those close to her, and do her best to protect others from harm. But she will not engage in violence for it's own sake.

Ardis considers herself an artist. She enjoys holophotgraphy and always takes a holocamera with her on shore leave. She also likes to model, usually nude, or in some sort of exotic costume. She has modeled for both painted and sculpted art. And it is sculpting she prefers since it captures a subject at all angles and is thus more true to life.

She enjoys trying her hand at painting, however; because the colors fascinate and inspire her.

Ardis lives alone, and as far as anyone knows has never had a long-term or committed relationship. This does not mean she is immune to love. But she does try to resist it. She makes friends easily enough. And her relaxed, hedonistic style serves to help people loosen up around her.

A very good quality, in a counselor.

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