SI Liaison April Ripley

NAME: April Ellen Ripley
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: February 24, 2346
BIRTHPLACE: Champaign, Illinois, Earth
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 136 #
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard. Betazoid. Klingon. Sign Language
HOBBIES: Music & Dance. Terran film & cinema. Horses & wild animals. Starfleet history.

No known living relatives. Her father, Charles Ripley, was a respected civilian archaeologist before his death in 2374.

University of Betazed 2360 - 2362
Starfleet Academy 2362 - 2366

2366-69 USS Crockett, Ensign, Counselor
2369-73 USS Harbinger, Ensign, Counselor
2373-76 USS Harbinger, Lt. jg, Counselor
2376-77 USS Appalachia, Lt. jg, Counselor
2377-78 USS Galahad, Ensign, Counselor
2378-80 USS Legacy, Ensign, Counselor
2380-81 USS Williamsburg, Ensign, Counselor
2381-82 USS Williamsburg, Lieutenant jg., Counselor
2382-84 Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant, Field operative
2384-pres. Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant, Special Liaison Officer (USS Cavalier-C)

2375 Federation Medal of Excellence
2376 Dominion War Service Medal
2382 Starfleet Cross

April has been reprimanded on several occasions for minor cases of insubordination. There is also a citation in her record for conduct unbecoming an officer resulting from a sexual incident in a Jeffries Tube aboard the USS Harbinger.

She was also sited for insubordination, in early 2378, and reduced in rank to Ensign.

April Ripley was born into a relatively quiet life, in the city of Champaign, in Illinois. A gentle section of the American heartland, on a planet known as Earth. When April was two, however, her family left the comfort of Champaign, and moved to Chicago, where her father had been transfered by the company he worked for.

When April was 11 years old, both of her parents were killed in an explosion aboard a Starliner they were travelling on. April, and her brother Alex were staying with their grandmother in Lockerbie, Scotland when it happened. The rest of April's childhood was spent in the misty moors, and smokey ale-houses of Scotland.

Her uncle owned an ale house, and by the time she was 13, she was working as a waitress, and helping to tend bar in the place.

As a bartender, she heard a lot of stories, and became pretty good at listening.

When April was 15, she met a young Betazoid man named Ilaac. They fell in love, and when she was 16, they ran away, together, to Betazed. Once there, however, Ilaac's parents put a stop to the relationship. Ilaac was promised in marriage to another woman, a Betazoid woman; and the romance with April had to be stopped. Ilaac's parents threatened to tell her uncle where she was, and she would be sent back to Earth, if she did not leave Ilaac alone.


Essentially stranded on Betazed, and yet with no desire to return home, April went ahead with the dream she and Ilaac had shared back on Earth. To become a part of Starfleet one day. She enrolled in the psychiatric studies at the university, on Betazed, using forged school records. But she was able to keep up her marks, and was good at the standard counseling procedure due to her time tending bar in Lockerbie.

April graduated a two-year course, and was then summarily enrolled in Starfleet Academy for basic training and officer's courses. After the Academy, she was posted to the USS Crockett as a Ship's Counselor. She served three years there, before being transfered to the USS Harbinger, a Galaxy glass ship.

After serving four years on the Harbinger, she was promoted Lieutenant, Junior Grade. She served aboard the Harbinger throughout the Dominion War; at which point she was transferred to the USS Appalachia.

April was assigned as a special Liaison officer, aboard the Appalachia, assigned to find refugees from the war-raved planets of the Federation. Just before Christmas, 2376, the Appalachia located the remnants of a Cardassian prison camp on one of the uninhabited moons of a planet in a system close to Betazed.

One of the men rescued out of the Dilithium mines the Cardassians had begun excavating on the moon was the Betazoid, Ilaac; April's former lover. But he had been driven mad by Cardassian torture, and did not even know her.

In the spring of 2377, when the Appalachia's recon mission was scrubbed by Starfleet Command, April was returned to active military duty as a comissioned officer; and assigned as a Counselor aboard the USS Galahad.

In 2375, April was awarded the Federation Medal of Excellence, and a year later, the Service Medal for her devtion to duty during the Dominion War.

Aboard the Galahad, April was assigned the position of Assistant to the Chief Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Faison. In early 2378, she was demoted to the rank of Ensign as a result of charges of insubordination filed over an incident between April, Counselor Faison, and a visiting dignitary from the Delphic Expanse.

When Counselor Faison was transfered to the USS Legacy, she arranged for April to be transfered as well; to serve aboard the Federation flagship. April served as Faison's assistant for two years. But, in 2380, the Avalon class USS Legacy was drydocked after being severely damaged in a battle with a renegade Starlfeet captain in a stolen warship. While most of the senior officers were later transferred to serve aboard the new USS Legacy-A, an Expedition class ship, several of the junior officers were given other assignments.

April was transferred to the USS Williamsburg as a staff counselor. And here she settled in to a somewhat dull, and unsatisfying assignment as a juvenile therapist for the few children who lived aboard the Williamsburg. Another two years passed before April would be offered another transfer- one that would change her life and career for good.

In 2382, April was aproached by agents of Starfleet Intelligence. They asked her to assume the duties of a field operative. Her assignment was to be infiltrating insurgent groups on Cardassia who were trying to revive the old regime and were even rumored to be in contact with remnants of the Dominion forces still operating inside the Alpha quadrant. April saw this not only as a way to escape the doldrums of her assignment aboard the Williamsburg, but a way to avenge Ilaac and all of the other people who had suffered so terribly at the hands of the Cardassians during the war.

April accepted the assignment, and after a brief period of field training was sent to Cardassia where she spent the next six months ferreting out insurgents who were trying to create an underground powerbase to drive out the new Cardassian government. Successful in her first mission for Starfleet Intel, April decided to make this her career. She became a full time spy for the Federation.

By early 2384, April had served with Starfleet Intelligence for nearly two years and participated in several missions, most of which still fall under the ehading of classified. By now her rank had been restored to the grade of full lieutenant. After a particularly difficult mission to Qo'noS, April was reassigned. She was removed from active field duty and placed aboard the USS Cavalier, to serve as the Liaison officer between Starfleet Intelligence and the Cavalier's command personnel. In particular her captain; William Redfearn.

While most officers would see this as a sort of demotion, April saw it as anything but. She was now serving on a starship, under a well known and respected commander. The ship's executive officer was a decorated former SI agent, himself. And as SI Liaison aboard the Cavalier, April was essentially head of her own department, able to choose agents to serve under her aboard the ship, and even assign them field duty if the necessity arose. And she was in no way sidelined. As SI Liaison for a starship it would April at the forefront of any mission the Cavalier was assigned that involved SI, or any kind of intelligence work.

April was very satisfied with her new assignment, and hoped that the whims of Starfleet Intelligence did not change any time soon, moving her to a different post.



April Ripley is something of a wild child, due to her youth. She is a practicing nudist, and doesn't believe in monogamous relationships. She is outgoing and friendly, and if she has a dark side she keeps it well hidden under a veneer of a sunny disposition, coupled with her sheer personal love of life. The one thing that seems to really make her angry is seeing another being; especially a child or helpless animal, put through a torture or indignity.

April is just above average height, and well built. She has a light tan, dark auburn hair, and piercing dark eyes. Her voice is slightly deep, sultry, and occasionaly cracks, or squeaks when she raises it. She has three tatoos, all small, and hard to find. All have some sort of personal emotional significance for her. One is of a tiny Yin-Yan in the center of the top of her right foot

April can play a guitar, sing, and dance fairly well. She is also a skilled masseuse, and is well-versed in accupressure therapy and massage. In addition to being a good counselor, she is also handy with first aid procedure, and is a middling pilot.

April has a large aquarium in her quarters, filled with a large assortment of fish aquired from several different planets she has visited during her tenure in Starfleet. She loves malts, and milkshakes, and has a working blender in her quarters, and would like to instal a fully functional soda bar.

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