Andrew Barrentine

Name: Andrew Barrentine
Nickname: Andy, Prince Charming
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: December 18, 2357
Birthplace: Louisville Kentucky, (earth)
Height: 6ft 1in
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Federation Standard
Hobbies: Reading, Medical Journals, Horse riding, Swimming, sword fighting, and holodeck programs.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Anouk Barrentine

2363-2375, Ballard High School
2375-2377, Oxford University
2377-2379, Starfleet Medical

Service Record:
2380-2381, USS Santa Fe, Ensign, Doctor
2382-2383, USS Santa Fe, Lt., Doctor,
2383-2384, USS Grand Canyon, Lt. JG, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2385-2386, USS Grand Canyon, Lt. JG, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2387-2388, USS Marshall, Lt. Commander, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2388: Present Time, Starbase Magellan, Lt. Commander, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2382 – Starfleet Surgeons Decoration
2385 – Starfleet Commendation
2387- Star cross


Personality Profile:

Andrew is a handsome man, though most of the time he's a quiet solitary fellow. He's a charming individual, with his kind blue eyes and charming smile.

He's always exploring his field and seeing what is new and exciting in the world of Medical. He's always keeping up to date. Andy is a natural for his job and he knew he was destined to become a doctor. It felt right to do. Andrew has a knack for Hypothesis and can figure out a patient's problem quickly.

Andrew is a well educated, and enjoys reading the classics from Earth's past.

Off duty Andrew tends to keep to himself as he works out allot, he loves sword fighting and swimming. To keep in shape. He also enjoys horse riding.

Andrew was never really close with his parents he never knew who his father was and his mother was always busy, always at parties. She died while he was at the Academy and never got to see him graduate.

He's a handsome man tall and well built. He has a welcoming smile for anyone who crosses his path. His blue eyes sparkle when he talks about what he loves the most.

He's been in a few relationships thought none of them lasted very long. He's pretty insecure when it comes to woman.


Andrew's quarters are comfortable place which reminds you of a library. Everything's made of light wood oak and he has a grandfather clock. He also has a fish tank.

Andrew loves to act out the things he's read. He often enjoys an adventures trip on the holodeck. And is a dang good sword fighter.

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