Lieutenant Alizée La Bruyére

NAME Alizée Aileas Banu Yevgeniya La Bruyére
BIRTHDATE June 12, 2342
BIRTHPLACE Brussels, Belgium
HEIGHT 5' 3"
HAIR Dark Brown
EYES Silver-Green
LANGUAGES French, English (Federation Standard), Italian, German, Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran, and Andorian.
HOBBIES Singing, Writing Songs (in the style of such 20th Cent. Artists as Natalie Merchant, and Sarah McLachlan), Dancing, Painting (esp. "Self-Created" Body-Brush style), Domestic Animals, Tai Chi, Mountain Climbing.

2366-2368: The Musical Conservatorie; Paris, France
2368-2372: Starfleet Academy

2372-2372: U.S.S. Peacemaker, Academy Field Assignment, Science Officer
2372-2374: U.S.S. Reliant, Science Officer
2374-2377: U.S.S. Prometheus, Science Officer
2377-2380: U.S.S. Legacy, Science Officer
2380-2386: U.S.S. Aurora, Science Officer
2386-2388: U.S.S. Galatea, Science Officer
2388-2390: U.S.S. Bellerophon, Stellar Cartography Officer
2390-2392: U.S.S. Pasquinel, Stellar Cartography Officer
2392-pres.: Starbase Magellan, Astrometrics Officer

Cochrane Medal of Excellence
Star Cross
Extended Tour Ribbon
Starfleet Silver Palm


Alizée Aileas Banu Yevgeniya La Bruyére was born on the 12 of June, in Brussels, Belgium, the only child of Starfleet Admiral Pierre La Bruyére, and his violinist/dancer wife, Magdeline Losch. For the first twelve years of her life, her home life and upbringing were normal and uneventful; then, under the guise of accepting a clandestine Starfleet mission, Alizée's father left home, never to return. She had always been incredibly close to her father.

Two years later, her mother, a classical musician, enrolled Alizée in the Musical Conservatorie in Paris; determined to keep her from following in her father's reckless footsteps. Alizée had always had an affinity for music, and seemed to be able to pick out tunes on the piano after only one or two listenings; so her mother decided she would make an excellent concert-pianist.

It was at the conservatorie that it was discovered that Alizée posessed an eiditic, or photographic, memory as well as an uncanny ear for music.

She studied at the conservatorie for two years, and learned what her instructors there normally were able to teach a pupil in four. Then she recieved word that her father was listed as officially missing by Starfleet command. She left the conservatory, and, after procurring forged travelling documents from a boyfriend, went to San Francisco, and Starfleet Headquarters.

There she made contact with Captain Angus McArdle, her father's best friend, and former first officer when Captain

Pierre La Bruyére had commanded the U.S.S. Trailblazer before Alizée was born.

McArdle was in the process of outfitting his Akira-class Starsip, the U.S.S. Peacemaker, to search for the Admiral, but he informed Alizée that due to her age, and her civilian status, he could not take her with him. It was then and there that she made probably the most important decision in her life. She joined Starfleet. With the help of McArdle, and her eiditc memory, she passed the entry-exam with flying colors, and began studying as a command-division officer, majoring in astronavigation.

In her second year, she changed her major to science, and excelled beyond even her own expectations. All this time, the Peacemaker was on a deep-space mission searching for Pierre La Bruyére, and Alizée began to wonder why Starfleet would send a ship like the Peacemaker, or a Captain like Angus McArdle on such a long-term mission, and why one man, her father, rated such importance in such a large organization.

In the year of her graduation, several of Alizée's questions were answered, and several new ones asked. McArdle returned, appearently from a long sojourn into Klingon territory, and requested Alizée be posted aboard his ship, on a cadet-field assignment. Officially McArdle was taking the Peacemaker into the Donorious Belt to scout out Maquis activity.

Once Alizée was aboard, however, he told her thought he had finally found her father, and that if he couldn't bring the Admiral home quietly, her father might even be charged with treason, desertion, or aiding the Maquis against the Federation.


The U.S.S. Peacemaker travelled into hostile Maquis territory, with Cadet La Bruyére aboard as a science and language specialist. After several run-ins with Maquis patrols, the ship was hailed by a Maquis cruiser calling itself the Arapaho (after a Terran Native American Tribe).

The commander appeared to be a Klingon, calling himself K'Teyloth; but Cpt. McArdle knew him well…as Claude La Bruyére. Son of Pierre La Bruyére, and Alizée's here-to-for unknown half-brother. It was here that she learned that her father had lead, even before she was born, a double-life.

She met her two half-brothers, Claude, and Henri (known to the Maquis as Wa'Qon), their Klingon mother Lay'Ke'ylyn (whom she discovered had always loved McArdle), and a side of her father's life she would have never dreamed existed.

She and McArdle learned from "K'Teyloth" and "Wa'Qon" that Pierre La Bruyére had disappeared two years ago, in a stolen Maquis ship, into the Bajoran wormhole, in search of the Founders' homeworld. He was presumed dead, but Lay'Ke'ylyn insited she had seen him on Deep Space Nine.

Alizée felt at this time that her father, now a wanted "criminal" to the Maquis (and, most likely, the Federation, as well), would never let himself be found, if he was alive to be found, but she knew she had to keep looking. She also knew she had family, albeit a very unusual one; a family of criminal terrorists.

She tried to convince Claude and Henri to turn themselves in to Federation authorities, and McArdle promised them clemency. But Claude, whose face had been horribly scarred by a Federation phaser, and whose right hand was torn off in combat with the Jem'Hadar, was bitter; he refused, and he spoke for his brother.

Only Lay'Ke'ylyn returned to Federation space with the Peacemaker, to live out the rest of her days with her true love, Angus McArdle. Alizée left her brothers, vowing to return to them someday, and to find their father. Claude seemed indifferent, but Henri wished her well; he also warned her, "The day will come, little child, when you, in your Starfleet uniform, and us in our rags, will fight; and not side by side, but on different sides. So go now, and enjoy the peace, while it lasts!"

Alizée retuned to the Academy, and graduated at the top of her class, recieving a commendation at her graduation from now-Admiral Angus McArdle.

She was almost immediately assigned to the U.S.S. Reliant, under Captain Elizabeth St. John. She served her CO in the Science Department, Lt. M'Lissa Monfort, with destinction.

Aboard the Reliant, she met, and fell in love with a young Medical officer named Victor Orbach. They had a deep and very meaningful affair, until he dissapeared during the Borg invasion. He has been assumed assimilated, but, after the experience with her father, Alizée is just not sure; and now she feels both of the most important men in her life are waiting for her to find them.

After the Borg invasion, she took an extended leave of absence, and visited her brothers. Here she met a young Human man named Eli Zander, and they had an affair, only for Alizée to discover he was a Starfleet Intelligence Agent, out to "nail" her brothers. She discontinued the affair, and promised not to reveal Zander's identity to her brothers in exchange for two things: that he make sure that, whatever he had to do, her brothers would not be killed; and that Eli would not betray her relationship with them to Starfleet. Agent Zander agreed.

After this unexpected incidednt, she returned to active duty, accepting a transfer to the U.S.S. Prometheus. So far…she hasn't stumbled onto any unforseen adventures; but with Alizée La Bruyére, there always seems to be one waiting to happen.

Despite this, after the incident with her brothers, Alizée began to maintain a low profile. Aboard the Prometheus, she did her job, and she did it well. But she didn't really engage in anything she became noted for. She continued her education. But her career went slowly. She received two promotions; to Lieutenant, jg, aboard the U.S.S. Legacy, and one to full Lieutenant aboard the Galatea.

In 2389, Alizée heard that her brothers were dead. Killed. They were murdered by the same man - a Starfleet officer who was moonlighting as a bounty hunter. The man had a ruthless hatred for Klingons. Alizée was sure who the man was, but because of his rank and standing in Starfleet, she did not dare confront him without irrefutable proof. She went to Eli Zander for help, he was powerless to do anything.

After her stint on the Galatea, Alizée began studying Stellar Cartography. She made this her specialty. And she served aboard two vessels in this capacity.

On stardate 69807.7, Alizée was transferred to Starbase Magellan on the request of the chief science officer, to fill the position of senior astrometrics officer.


Perky and friendly, at least outwardly, would best describe Alizée La Bruyére. Her experiences have not at all hardened her towards life. On the contrary, they have taught her to appreciate every day as an adventure in it's self. She is gregarious and out going. Though still, somewhere inside herself, in love with Dr. Orbach (and, to a lesser extent, Agent Zander); she is still open to romance, and very free with herself.

She is very dedicated to duty, and driven by a passion to achieve the approval of her superiors. She is always respectful, but, at the same time, not afraid to offer her opinions, even to a superior officer.

She doesn't "fear" the chain of command, as she became accustomed to a Flag officer's bearing with her father; and she also knows that Admiral McArdle will likely pull her out of any really sticky perdicament she might get herself into.

In short, she is a devoted, but outspoken officer; loyal and friendly almost to a fault. Easy to get to know, and impossible to loose (as a friend) once you've "got her".

Alizée La Bruyére is an incredibly beautiful woman. 5' 3" tall, and weighing c. 120#; with a muscular, buxom build. She has reddish/brown hair that she describes as "Auburn", and bright green eyes that McArdle always called "emeraldgreen". She has a soft complexion, with a deep, almost ruddy tan.

Alizée has always been almost unusually healthy; never having a cold, or even an allergy (that she is aware of). She has an eiditic, or photographic, memory.

Besides being a scientific genious (due to her memory), and a professional linguist (for the same reason), Alizée is also an virtuoso pianist, and has written several songs in the Terran pop/rock/alternative music styles popular in the late 1990s. Her prized possession is her portable musical synthesizer; capable of imitating 227 instruments, and providing her with 348 rythym-patterns, and 47 different backbeats. She can often be found in her quarters, playing this instrument loud and long, when frustrated.

She also enjoys painting, especially a style she claims to have invented, called "Body-Brush" painting. This style involves the artist disrobing, covering herself with different colors of paint, and then rolling around on a large canvas on the floor.

Alizée has created three "Body-Brush" paintings which she is proud of, and she hangs them in her quarters.

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