Addison Sofia Ashgaar

Species: Human/Capellan
Height: 5' 8" - Weight: 126#
Birthdate: April 14, 2375
Birthplace: aboard the USS Farragut

Addison Ashgaar was born aboard the Starfleet vessel, the USS Farragut. A Nebula-class starship in service during the Dominion War.

Her parents were both Starfleet officers, and both serving aboard the Farragut at the time of Addison's birth. Her father was a security officer, who held the rank of Lieutenant, and her mother was a Weapons Officer attached to the Tactical department. She was a junior-grade Lieutenant at the time of her daughter's birth.

Her mother, Gia Paganelli, was a native of New York, on Earth. And her father was a Capellan man. He was a warrior in the Capellan tradition, and a devoted Starfleet security officer through the end of the Dominion War. But, when the War ended, her parents drifted apart. They never stopped loving each other. But, as their careers went in different directions, so went their emotions. And, as is so often true with children, and divorce, the little girl was caught in the middle.

In 2377, Losgalen Ashgaar was transferred from the Farragut, and his family. True to his sense of duty, he accepted the transfer. And this drove a wedge between Lieutenant Ashgaar and his wife, Gia Paganelli. Their daughter, who by now was usually called Addie, stayed with her mother.

Joint parenting did not work so well with an entire quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy between them. Addie was the most important thing in Gia's life. And she could not understand, nor forgive Losgalen for accepting the transfer.

Their marriage ended soon after, and Gia was granted sole custody of Addie by a Federation court.

Two years later, Losgalen left Starfleet, and returned to Capella.

Addison lived with her mother for the next eleven years; she lived aboard the USS Farragut, the USS Coleman, and finally the USS Cavalier. She gained several friends. And she genuinely enjoyed her life in space. She especially liked her time aboard the Cavalier. Addie became close with Captain Redfearn, and his family. Especially the Captain's teenage son, Josh.

It was Addie's idea for Josh to tell his parents he was gay. Josh was uncertain, but Addie gave him so much encouragement that he finally came out to his family. It was a positive turning point for the Redfearn family. And he had Addie, and the ship's CMO, Janet Butler, to thank for that.

On Stardate 63500.7, Addie's mother moved her to a private school on Earth. The Cavalier had been assigned a long-term exploratory mission that had the potential for very hazardous duty. And Gia wanted her daughter to be safe. So, she transferred her to the Brearley School in New York while the Cavalier was on leave on Earth before embarking in this highly classified mission.

Addie attended the school for the next three years. And during this time she developed a strong interest in politics, and Federation history. She also reconnected with her father, Losgalen Ashgaar.

The former Starfleet officer had given up the military all together. He became a professional Bat'leth fighter, touring the Klingon Empire. And at the time Addie saw him again, he had the prestigious title of wej jey. Undefeated.

Addie got along with her father quite well. She really loved this man she barely knew. She knew, instantly, that he a was a good man, and would be a great father. They spent a great deal of time together in the following months. And Addie leaned about Capellan culture. Losgalen taught Addie how to defend herself. And she taught him how to keep his more high-strung emotions in check.

When it was time for Gia to take her back to the Cavalier, Losgalen was there to see her off. And Addie saw the way her parents looked at each other, and how they talked to each other. There was still love there. And Addie felt her parents belonged together. Even if they couldn't see it yet themselves, Addie was determined to show them. In time.

After her break with Losgalen, Gia had had no other relationships outside of a minor flirtation with a diagnostic engineer who had been temporarily assigned aboard the Cavalier. And Addie's father, although often approached by Klingon women who were taken by the big Capellan's prowess in the arena; never felt comfortable with anyone other than Gia Paganelli.

Addie took it on herself to fix this situation. She was determined to get her family back together.

Upon her return to the Cavalier, Addie found that some things had changed since she left. Her mother had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Chief Engineer Lesha had been promoted as well. And her mother had spent three months in a wheelchair, after a military action involving three Starfleet vessels going up against the Vakluran over Cardassia.

Addie also met the doctor who had delivered her aboard the Farragut. Dr. Shirin Zahedi; a Muslim woman, and Starfleet medical officer assigned to the Farragut straight out of the Starfleet medical school. While Addie was at the Brearley School, Dr. Zahedi had come aboard the Cavalier as the new assistant CMO.

Shirin and Gia had been fast friends since Addie was born. And they had kept in touch. And when Dr. Butler needed a new assistant, Gia suggested her friend for the position. For Addie, it was fascinating to actually meet the doctor who had delivered her. And Addie struck up an immediate friendship with the Iranian medical officer.

As soon as Addie registered at the school aboard the Cavalier, she enrolled in several courses with the goal of becoming a Federation envoy. She wants to be an Ambassador at Large, and in an ideal universe, work aboard the Cavalier with her mother.

Addie has a very gregarious personality. Friendly, and usually easy going. But she cannot stand bullies. The one time she really got herself into trouble at Brearley was when Addie broke the jaw of a visiting student during a sporting event. The reason ? Because the boy was picking on an Andorian boy, and calling him names.


In many ways, Addie embraces Capellan culture. Even though one of her best friends is a doctor, Addie refuses to seek medical aid unless she knows she really needs it. She will suffer through a sprained ankle like a Klingon. Her temperament is most often more in tune with human norms, than Capellan, however.

She has a high but soft voice. And she does not speak with any discernible accent. Addie wears her bark brown hair long, but often pins it up in intricate braids. She has very soulful eyes, and her features are very expressionful. She's tall for her age, but with a trim build.

Addie has many friends her own age, as well as the friends she has among the adult crew of the Cavalier. Her best friend lives aboard the USS Legacy, however. Her best friend is Penelope Teeger, Baxala Sodi's daughter. Addie met Penny during a joint mission involving the two ships that began in Stardate 67892.3. The two girls have remained in contact ever since. They communicate via subspace, when allowed. The Legacy's Chief Engineer even set up a relay so the girls can visit on the holodeck when the power usage of both ships are at a minimum.

When both ships are docked, usually at Starbase Magellan, the girls enjoy going shopping together.

They have spent time as students at each-other's shipboard schools. And when aboard the Starbase, they both attend Birol Arya's art school.

Addie is currently dating Sean Cetera; the adopted son of the Cavalier's shipboard teacher, Avion Cetera.

Though her long-term goal is to be a Federation diplomat, her current major goal is to get her parents back together. To this end, she often invites her father aboard the Cavalier. And Losgalen will make the time to see his daughter. Neither Addie's mother, nor Captain Redfearn seem to mind. As a matter of fact, Redfearn's command has benefitted from Losgalen's expertise on more than one occasion.

And Gia really enjoys having the man around.

Who knows, maybe Addie's goal will be achieved. And, if so, it will be proof she is already a very capable diplomat.

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